Hellgate Knights Lacrosse, Hellgate, Missoula MT

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Hellgate Lacrosse
P.O. Box 3032
Missoula, MT, 59806

Founded in 2011

Hellgate Lacrosse is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Member of the Montana Lacrosse Association - www.montanalax.org

Boys Varsity - MLA HS Division 1
Boys Junior Varsity - MLA HS JV Division
Girls Varsity - MLA HS Girls Division

Hellgate High School - Missoula, MT - www.mcpsmt.org/hellgate 

What is Hellgate Knights Lacrosse? Hellgate Knights Lacrosse is a high school level lacrosse club that serves students of Hellgate High School and surrounding areas.  Players of Hellgate Lacrosse are eligible for Varsity lettering through Missoula County Public Schools, and are required to comply with GPA, practice, and attendance guidelines enforced by Missoula County Public Schools.  We support a positive, healthy lifestyle and alternative athletic opportunity for Hellgate High School and Missoula area students. The Hellgate Knights Lacrosse Club teaches players to abide by the US Lacrosse Code of Ethics.

When is the Hellgate Lacrosse season? The Montana High School Lacrosse season is in the Spring, with practices and league games beginning early March.  The season consists of both Home and Away games that will be played on Thursdays and weekends.  Most Away games will be one-day trips to minimize travel costs, with one or two overnight team trips during the season.  The season concludes with the Montana State High School Lacrosse Championships, which are held on the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend.

What will the schedule look like? The Hellgate Knights will compete against teams from Missoula, including cross-town rivals Big Sky and Sentinel high schools, along with teams from all over the state. The team will also compete against out-of-state opponents both in Missoula and on the road. In addition to the game schedule, the Hellgate Knights Lacrosse team will have three weekly practices and a weekly mandatory team study hall throughout the season.

What equipment is required to play lacrosse for Hellgate? Boys lacrosse is a full-contact sport and requires protective equipment to play. If you are new to the sport, we strongly recommend that you talk to one of our coaches prior to obtaining any equipment on your own. Coaches can help guide you through the many manufacturers and options, help you save money, and help make sure your gear works on the field. The following equipment is required to play boys lacrosse on either the Varsity or Junior Varsity teams:
  - current USLacrosse Membership *required for all players
  - Lacrosse Stick
  - Team Helmet *contact Coach Flynn for more information
  - Gloves
  - Shoulder Pads
  - Elbow Pads
  - Protective Cup
  - Mouthguard
  - Cleats

Girls Lacrosse is considered a non-contact sport, although some contact and checking is allowed. If you are new to the sport, we strongly recommend that you talk to one of our coaches prior to obtaining any equipment on your own. The following equipment is required to play girls lacrosse for the Varsity team:
  - current USLacrosse Membership *required for all players
  - Girls Lacrosse Stick
  - Protective Eyemask

Is lacrosse considered a varsity sport at Hellgate? The Hellgate Knights Lacrosse team is not a member of the athletic department at Hellgate and receives no direct funding from the school. The Varsity teams are considered a varsity club and team members who meet the requirements do receive a varsity letter in lacrosse.